The Little Red Hen in Delridge

Nestled behind the Delridge Community Center and beside the athletic field, a source of inspiration is growing. Literally. The Little Red Hen Project is community learning garden. It might not look like much when you first see it, but taking a step closer, you’ll see the steady progress.

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Kids from the Teen Program in the Community Center come to garden and snack. Neighbors walk through and see what’s growing.
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Delridge was identified as a food desert by the King County Food and Fitness Initiative back in 2007. There have been many efforts on various levels from getting produce into the corner convenience stores to even hosting a micro “farmers market” with a produce stand . The Delridge Community Center has been a part of the process as it hosts programs to get kids active and got a playground rebuild as well as a Skate Park.

The Little Red Hen project is run by women who are ready and able to dig into the soil and make a difference.

The project is a culmination of vision and compassion…

“I started the Little Red Hen Project because I saw a need in our community not only locally, but globally for better nutrition, more sustainable ways to create food options for families, and all of this land, this space that can be used for gardens. And a need for people to learn how to do it themselves too.

It sort of developed over the last 8 years. It kinda started at the school garden where I wanted to teach the kids. The kids who could go show their parents how to garden. Then I wanted to do something more in the community so that people could take it and run with it.

This year is all about setting it up, getting it ready so that it will attract people. ” ~ Jenn Dowell

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“I became a Master Gardener in 2005, because I wanted to expand my art to outdoor art, and also work with kids, especially young girls to use gardening as a life skill, a growth skill.

My friend told me about The Little Red Hen since she knew I would be interested. She knew I was looking for a project in the neighborhood, and this worked out really well because I was able to make this a growing groceries garden for the Master Gardener’s Program and be the Master Gardener Mentor, be with my kids and work with the teen program.” ~ Katie Kadwell

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“Do you want to see me photo-bomb?” ~ Grace, a little tour guide of what’s growing in the garden

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