Seattle Shines evolved from many experiences Holli Margell has had volunteering in the North Delridge Neighborhood. The project aims to photograph the beauty in each neglected Seattle neighborhood. The resulting collection will be presented at community meetings to bring people together, and foster ideas and relationships that will benefit each neighborhood. Where possible, the photographs will be displayed for everyone to see from the windows of local businesses or abandoned buildings.

HolliMargell_ProfilePicHolli Margell is a West Seattle native. She grew up appreciating the great outdoors and local art galleries. She picked up photography at a young age with her first camera, a Polaroid at age 10. Her first formal photography class was in a photojournalism course using film. A journalistic style has been with her ever since. After 5 years as a Wedding photographer, she became a stay at home mom. And, as a result, started finding beauty in every day life, and began capturing Fine Art Photography. She’s been showing her art photography locally since 2011.

To view more about Holli’s photography, visit holliwithani.com

. . . . . . . . . .

Nathan Vaas has joined the project focusing on Rainier Valley and Aurora neighborhoods.

About Nathan…

0413drvrNathanVass001Nathan Vass has had work displayed in eighteen photography shows, has designed three album covers, including two for Neil Welch, and is the director of eight films, four of which have shown at festivals. He owns a small photography business, Two Photography, with Larry Huang, and has photographed ten weddings. Born in South Central LA, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Washington, and is also a prolific writer and sometime painter. In addition, he holds a side job as a public bus driver, which he enjoys about as much as directing films. If not slightly more so.

Check out more of Nathan’s work at nathanvass.com

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How You Can Help

We are looking for unsung heroes in Rainier Valley and the Aurora Neighborhoods. If you know someone who is making a difference, let us know! We’d love to include a portrait of them, and recognize the work they are doing.

Do you like organizing events? We could use a hand hosting community shows for the project to bring together volunteer groups and neighbors.

Feel free to email photoholli at gmail dot com.

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