The Brown House

I realized after sharing Danny’s Green House last week that I needed to share the cute, classic brown home where he grew up. It is next door, after all. And, wouldn’t’ you know it, the delay in my photographing it meant an extra dose of street art added to the scene. As an added bonus, […]

An End To The Green and Brown House

Mike Dady has been a consistent advocate for North Delridge specifically in areas of land use and safety. He served on the North Delridge Neighborhood Council and is always willing to help direct neighbors toward the appropriate channels to get help through the city departments for things like landlord abuse or illegal dumping. We talked […]

The Green House

There was this guy named Danny who lived in a bright green house on Delridge. An artist at heart, his odd ways and scattered conversations consisted of tidbits of the past and many dismissed him as crazy. He grew up in the classic brown house next door to his tiny green home. Since Danny is […]