Rainier In Black And White

Nathan Vass took old school black and white film to capture this series of Rainier Valley. The area is close to his heart as he often drives a bus that serves the neighborhood. This area of Seattle is often looked own upon as a crime ridden place. Nathan wrote recently on his blog about the people and directly about violence and perspective, “How do you change the world? Thoughts on Violence.

As you look through the images his perspective captured, perhaps you’ll be reminded of the power of perspective too.

Oct28~44-41 Oct28~45-42 Oct28~46-43 Oct28~47-44 Oct28~48-45 Oct28~50-46 Oct28~51-47 Oct28~52-48 Oct28~53-49 Oct28~55-51 Oct28~56-52 Oct28~59-55 Oct28~61-57 Oct28~62-58 Oct28~63-59 Oct28~64-60

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