The Brown House

I realized after sharing Danny’s Green House last week that I needed to share the cute, classic brown home where he grew up. It is next door, after all. And, wouldn’t’ you know it, the delay in my photographing it meant an extra dose of street art added to the scene.

As an added bonus, I’ve gotten word that Danny was a photographer and prolific writer. I hope to be in contact with a relative so that I can share his work, and incorporate it into the project. That got me thinking, every neighborhood holds a variety of people, and I suspect that each one houses an artist.

So, if you’re in Delridge, and you want to share your work that has been inspired by living in a Poor Seattle neighborhood, please contact me. I’d love to include your work, or at the very least document it for all to see.



Holli Margell_BrownHouse

While I was out capturing the Brown House, I decided to share a bit of the litter that permeates many blocks in North Delridge. Sights like this irk me, but then I look for the beauty, and my heart soars…


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