The Green House

There was this guy named Danny who lived in a bright green house on Delridge. An artist at heart, his odd ways and scattered conversations consisted of tidbits of the past and many dismissed him as crazy. He grew up in the classic brown house next door to his tiny green home.

Since Danny is gone, his home and the cute brown one next door will be torn down and turned into a Townhouse complex like the one my family moved into 8 years ago this winter. These two houses are already sandwiched between Townhouse complexes and an apartment building. The green one in particular reminds me of the classic children’s book, The Little House. Though not nearly as charming, it’s resident, Danny reminds me of the story. He had lived here his whole life. Despite being what some call crazy, he was a living history book. I’m not quite sure about his mental state, but I know he fought to live in the green house and remain independent.

He always seemed full of energy and never passed up a chance to talk to a neighbor. The last time I talked to him, he asked me who owned the new red, sported up VW parked on the street. He admired it like a teenager.

There will only be 2 single family houses left on Danny’s block next year.

HolliMargell_PSSProject 9

HolliMargell_PSSProject 5

HolliMargell_PSSProject 7 HolliMargell_PSSProject 6

HolliMargell_PSSProject 4

HolliMargell_PSSProject 2

HolliMargell_PSSProject 3

9 thoughts on “The Green House

  1. Danny would be very pleased with your work Holli. Thank you so much for documenting his humble little house. If the walls could talk, the stories they would tell.

  2. Thanks for your beautiful photos, Holli. It makes me reflex on the times spent with Keeler and the special relationship we had. Although it may not appear so, we are about the same age. We both grew up in Seattle and I worked with his mother at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in the circulation department. He hung out back in those hippie days with a few fellow students I went to high school with. During the numerous conversations we had at my office he made me think about the price we pay for physical development at the expense of human development in our society. He was as authentic a community activist as they come. I just sent a message to Mike Dady (he sent me your link) about an old theme created for the first Delridge Day event by Larry Kingen and a few others. It was in the mid-90s when gang violence was a very big issue thoughout the city and West Seattle, and almost daily in Delridge. The theme was “Delridge – (It’s about) Caring, Sharing, and Respect.” Danny was this kind of person. Unfortunately too many undeserving individuals took advantage of him causing havoc and public safety issues for others. I hope you project goes well. I’m now involved in my Rainier Beach neighborhood and have met several unsung heros.

    Since I see you and the family are in Maui.

    Mahalo and Aloha


    • Hi Ron!
      What a wonderful part of Danny’s story, thank you for sharing. You seem much younger than Danny. I really love the first theme of Delridge Day, which has become a wonderful community driven event. I would love to expand this project through all Seattle Poor neighborhoods, and will be in touch about Rainier Beach as I am able to expand beyond West Seattle.

      Yes, we had a wonderful time in Maui for my sister-in-laws wedding. My kids were part of the wedding:)


      • Welcome back!

        Anytime you’d like a tour of Rainier Beach, let me know. There are lots of photo opps here I’m sure.


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